We make every machine according to the specific requirements of assembling or testing the customer. We work all the way from design to start-up and we plan on-site training for staff. In case of need, we are ready to intervene promptly or by teleservice. We are specialized in automotive and fluid power solutions: Component manufacturers that are confronted with an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, we offer efficient, reliable, and flexible systems. To do this, we recruit qualified personnel, innovative technologies and dedicated software.


  • PLC
  • HMI
  • SCADA systems
  • Software embedded
  • Remote control
  • Motion control
  • Virtual view
  • Robot


  • Design of panels and electrical systems
  • Design of the control and supervision system architecture 
  • Functional diagrams of power, control and instrumentation
  •  PLC configure, Fieldbus, I/O Cards and dedicated Modules
  • Topographic charts
  • PLC and SCADA Specifications 
  • Instrumentation Specifications
  • Manuals for use and maintenance


  • Execution of control cabinets with PLC
  • Electrical systems on machine and production lines
  • Electrical engineering works related to the installation and revamping of automatic machines and complete production lines
  • Integrated Turnkey Hardware & Software Supplies